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Sculptra® Aesthetic is the latest injectable treatment used to stimulate collagen and enhance facial tightness for a superior anti-aging effect. The skincare experts at CN Medical Aesthetics provide personalized Sculptra treatments for men and women in Park Ridge, Illinois. Find out more by booking a Sculptra consultation through the website or by calling the medical spa to schedule your appointment today.

Sculptra® Q & A

How does Sculptra work?  

Approved by the FDA in 2014, Sculptra continues to be a leading and long-lasting aesthetic injectable. Sculptra contains a proprietary blend of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which serves as a natural collagen-stimulating agent. 

While your body naturally produces collagen, a skin-tightening connective tissue, the process slows down as you get older. You gradually lose that layer of cushioning fat, so muscles begin working closer to your skin, and more dramatic wrinkles start to appear.

Because the PLLA in Sculptra works with your body’s biological processes to trigger collagen formation, which lifts, tones, and tightens your skin, your results are entirely natural-looking and feeling.  

What can Sculptra treat?

CN Medical Aesthetics provides Sculptra injections to diminish wrinkles, lines, and grooves on your face and jawline. Sculptra is highly beneficial for minimizing the appearance of:

  • Smile lines
  • Chin wrinkles
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Sunken cheeks 

Your provider may be able to target other problem areas, too. Most Sculptra treatment packages from CN Medical Aesthetics include a series of three injections spread out over three or four months. But you may need fewer or additional injections, depending on your level of collagen loss. 

When can I expect results with Sculptra?

Your results with Sculptra appear gradually over time. After all, it takes cells several weeks to start building up new collagen and restoring the underlying tissue structure of your skin.

It’s common to have some redness, soreness, or inflammation around the injection sites. These minor side effects usually resolve within a couple of days. Your provider at CN Medical Aesthetics may recommend applying ice or massaging your face to minimize these issues. 

In most cases, you experience optimal results within about two to three months, with ongoing benefits after that point. The team at CN Medical Aesthetics finds that Sculptra provides superior anti-aging benefits for up to two years.

Once your Sculptra treatment starts wearing off, you can safely undergo another series of injections. Sculptra treatments from CN Medical Aesthetics are quick and easy to schedule during your lunch hour.  

Call the office or click the online scheduler to book your Sculptra consultation at CN Medical Aesthetics today. 

Individual results may vary.