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Rosacea is an embarrassing and frustrating problem for many people in the Park Ridge, Illinois area. The team at CN Medical Aesthetics offers effective help with non-surgical treatments like Elite MPX. This treatment eliminates rosacea redness and bumpiness and is also used to minimize or eliminate other vascular lesions.

Rosacea Treatment Q & A

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a type of vascular lesion. Rosacea occurs predominantly on the face, with intense redness of the cheeks, nose, and chin being the main indicators of the condition. While rosacea flares may come and go, this condition won't go away without treatment.

What other types of vascular lesions can be treated with lasers?

The Elite MPX laser system used by CN Medical Aesthetics can treat virtually any vascular lesion. This includes facial telangiectasias, leg telangiectasias, spider veins, hemangiomas, port-wine stains in addition to rosacea.

How are vascular lesions like rosacea treated?

The most effective way to treat rosacea and other vein problems is to dissipate the coagulated blood while leaving the healthy tissue around it untouched. The 755 nm Alexandrite laser and 1064 nm Nd: YAG laser, both of which are used in the Elite MPX treatment system, have proven to be most effective in the treatment of vascular lesions. Using carefully controlled energy, the Elite MPX laser light is sent into the hemoglobin, where it's converted into heat. The heat forces the blood coagulated within the veins to break apart, but it won't have an impact on the non-vein tissue. Factors like skin color can have an impact on the treatment. When a patient has darker skin, the pulse width, fluence, and repetition rate may need to be adjusted for best results. The more melanin present, the more challenging treatment can be. However, the majority of patients experience excellent results with the Elite MPX laser, regardless of skin tone.


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Does Elite MPX treatment require any downtime?

No, Elite MPX laser treatment for rosacea or other types of vascular lesions doesn't require any downtime. Patients can schedule their appointment whenever it's convenient for them and return to work right away if they wish.

How many treatment sessions are needed for rosacea or other vascular lesions?

The number of treatments required depends upon the specific patient and on the severity of the vascular lesions. Most people are able to see a major improvement after just a few sessions. The team at CN Medical Aesthetics will work with each patient to help them achieve freedom from vascular lesions at last.