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Hair restoration can help improve not only a person's appearance but also their self esteem. As a person ages, it can be natural to experience some hair loss. Platelet rich plasma hair restoration procedures through CN Medical Aesthetics in Park Ridge, Illinois can give patients the look they had when they were younger.

Hair Restoration Q & A

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What is PRP for hair loss?

Human blood has stem cells that are rich in growth factors. These growth factors are critical in the regeneration of damaged tissue and in healing in general. PRP therapy for hair loss is designed to add extra growth factors back into the body exactly where they’re needed the most, in the scalp area. This type of therapy is a non-surgical way to help patients grow new hair, using their very own stem cells. PRP therapy has helped many patients grow new hair that is thicker and stronger than the existing hair.

How does the PRP for hair loss process work?

First, the patient's blood will be drawn. This is a quick and easy blood draw similar to that which occurs for any routine blood test. The blood is then placed in a special machine, a closed sterile system that will generate centrifugal force to separate the PRP from the other part of the blood. After this, the platelets are highly concentrated to about triple their usual blood values. The patient will receive anesthesia in the area of the scalp being treated so they aren't uncomfortable during the injections. The PRP is injected directly into the patient's scalp, where it will then gradually stimulate the growth of new hair.

How many PRP treatments for hair loss are needed?

It depends on the patient, the amount of hair loss, and the individual response to the treatment. Most patients find that PRP treatments every 3-4 months allows the optimal levels of hair regrowth. The team at CN Medical Aesthetics will help each patient determine which treatment schedule will yield the optimal results for their particular case.

Is PRP therapy for hair loss safe?

PRP therapy for hair loss is a very safe treatment because it uses the body's own cells. This type of therapy is considered to be all natural because it's simply extracting the healthiest cells from the scalp for re-injection in the exact areas they’re needed the most. Since the patient's own blood cells are used, there’s no danger of an allergic reaction.


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