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Having a facelift is the most direct and comprehensive way to treat age-related facial wrinkling and sagging, improve your appearance, and boost your confidence. The clinicians at CN Medical Aesthetics in Park Ridge, Illinois offer minimally invasive, non-surgical “lunch-time lifts,” or thread lifts, to patients in the greater Chicago area.

Facelift Q & A

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What’s a facelift?

A facelift is a procedure used to reposition the soft tissues, including skin, fat, and muscle, of the lower face to reconstruct a youthful, rejuvenated contour along the face, jaw, and neck. The technique is sometimes compared to straightening and smoothing a tablecloth over a table. There are various kinds of facelift techniques, ranging from extensive, sophisticated surgical procedures that require a considerable amount of recovery time, to quick, non-surgical facelifts that don’t involve any downtime at all. The main goal of any facelift is to tighten underlying tissues and muscles while gently repositioning the skin. Facelifts can correct or improve jowls, a double chin, mid-face sagging, and marionette lines, which are the long vertical lines that extend down from the corners of the mouth.     

Am I an ideal candidate for a facelift?

You might consider having a facelift if you think that your face looks older than you feel, or if gravity, sun exposure, and the natural aging process have left you feeling like you just don’t look like yourself anymore. You may be an ideal candidate for a facelift if you’re in good health, you generally have a positive attitude and realistic expectations, and you possess certain facial characteristics, including:

  • Sagging facial skin or sagging skin along your jawline
  • Creased or sagging skin along your neck
  • Deep creases extending from your nose to the corners of your mouth, or deep creases extending from the corners of your mouth to your chin
  • Lower-face sagging, or jowls
  • Facial fat that has dropped or become displaced

What does the procedure involve?

The clinicians at CN Medical Aesthetics offer a minimally invasive facelift technique called NovaThreads®. This non-surgical method, commonly called a thread lift, is a quick, in-office procedure that doesn’t involve any cuts or incisions. Instead, it uses hypodermic needles preloaded with sutures made of biodegradable polymers, a type of medical-grade material that your body can dissolve and absorb. The tiny umbrella-like structures attached to the end of the sutures lift and tighten your skin from underneath, while simultaneously stimulating collagen production. Patients are given a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort, and as the sutures are injected, they produce an instant lift.


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