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When people in the Park Ridge, Illinois area are frustrated with the appearance of their skin, they may simply need a specialized treatment that can exfoliate and rejuvenate their skin. CN Medical Aesthetics offers a variety of skin solutions including skin tightening, Red Carpet facial, and the Hollywood Peel.

Exfoliate Q & A


Improve and smooth the texture of your skin while targeting unwanted pigmentation, scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles. The facial skin is mostly treated but other areas of the body can also be treated as well such as the neck, decollette, back, and hands. Here at CN Medical we use physician grade peel with the latest peel technology.

What It Does:

Chemical peels are intended to remove the outermost layers of the skin by  introducing a chosen solution which induces a controlled injury to the skin  resulting in wound healing to regenerate new tissue. There are different  strengths of peels for different concerns and the newer peels work from the  inside out limiting the amount of downtime.

Types of Peels:

Image SkinCare Glycolic/Retinol 

Best for: Brightening, Exfoliation, Breakouts, Mild Aging

Glytone Pyruvic Acid 

Best for: Pigmentation, Melasma, Oily, Texture/Large Pores, Hormonal 

Breakout, Light-Moderate Aging 

Glytone Mandelic Acid 

Best for: Redness/Rosacea, Sensitive/Reactive, Preteen Acne 

Glytone Jessner 

Best for: Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, Sun Damage, Acne,  Mild-Moderate Aging 

Glytone TCA 

Best for: Hyperpigmentation, Acne Scars and Small Scars, Texture,  Moderate/Severe Chrono and Photo Aging

Glytone Neck & Decolletage & Hand-Anti-aging, Hyperpigmentation 

Glytone Eye and Lip-Anti-Aging, Hyperpigmentation 


*If there is no peeling or flaking, it does not mean that the peel is not working. Each patient’s reaction is different. There are many factors that contribute to whether the skin will peel. The results will not be compromised if the patient doesn’t experience a peel.